Increase Employee Performance & Wellbeing

Remente is a performance development system that helps your organisation grow. Our cloud based platform empowers every employee to increase productivity, reach goals, manage stress and improve wellbeing.

Find Out How

How We Help You Grow

Trialed and tested on hundred of thousands users and more than a hundred businesses, we have developed a digital platform that provides tools to improve health and performance in an organisation. It is simple to use and guides the user from insight to action.

Promote Work-Life Balance

Our suite of tools help employees understand how to promote wellbeing. Among millennials, good work/life balance is the most important work characteristic.

From Strategy To Action

95% of employees don’t understand the company strategy. We help you convert strategies to engaging and meaningful goals for every employee.

Real Time Performance Reviews

Collect real time employee feedback, align it with goal fulfilment and gain the insights on what to improve and why.

From Insight To Implementation

A self-guided Learning Management System (LMS) accelerating employee performance and wellbeing by transforming learning into action.

About Us

Our mission is to democratize mental wellbeing. We are empowering individuals and organisations by offering a scalable and engaging digital life and performance development system based on psychology, neuroscience and mental training.


The minds behind Remente.

David BrudöCo-founder & CEO
Niklas ForserCo-founder & Head of B2B
Niels EékCo-founder & Scientific Advisor Psychology
Idriz ZogajCo-founder & Scientific Advisor Brain Training
Anders HallinCo-founder & Business Advisor
Kjell EnhagerInvestor & Scientific Advisor Mental Training
Mikael PawloInvestor & Business Advisor
Mickel AnderssonCTO
Andreas ArvidssonAndroid Lead
Jimmy JohanssonHead of Content & Design
Kim EgenvalliOS Lead
Fredrika RylénContent Manager
Elin MelanderPsychology & Content Intern
Nicole CastagnoAndroid Engineer Intern