The minds behind Remente

David Brudö
Co-founder and Like a Boss

Having co-founded companies ranging from online marketplaces, to travel deal websites, cooking subscription services and nanotechnology startups (often in parallel), I needed a way to help me balance life better and figure out my priorities. That's when Remente was born!

Niels Eék
Co-founder and Psychologist

With my background in psychology, I see great potential in using the Internet and mobile to make psychology accessible and engaging for everyone. Apart from Remente, I am working on how to treat different psychiatric disorders through online and offline therapy, both clinically and while doing my Ph.D.

Niklas Forser
Co-founder and Leverager

I help organisations and individuals to leverage their leadership and communication skills. Once upon a time, I served as Marketing Director at companies such as Nestlé and Carlsberg.

Idriz Zogaj
Co-founder and Mastermind

I serve as the Chairman and founding partner of the Swedish Memory Association. As Captain of the Swedish Memory Team, I helped Sweden to silver in the World Memory Championships 2012 and 2013. I am also an author of children's books and a game creator.

Anders Hallin
Co-founder and Online-oracle

Having learned the ropes at Skype and Stardoll on how to build a user base online, I went on to co-found a few web companies with footprint in South America, Asia and Europe. Remente is one of them. Other than that I spend my days as Chief Strategy Officer at Telenor Digital.

Jan Bosch
Founding Investor and Chairman of the Board

I like running marathons and reading science fiction novels. Apart from that, I am a Professor of Software Engineering. Previously I was a VP at Intuit and Nokia, working with engineering, innovation and research.

Kjell Enhager
Advisor and Mentalist

I am a golfer turned mental trainer. For the last 30 years I have coached world class athletes and business leaders, and in the process becoming an awarded speaker on topics such as ice-cream boomerangs.

Fredrika Rylén
Content Manager

I am a content manager and market researcher with passion for understanding the motivations behind human behavior. I also love playing hobby gardener, exercising yoga and reading thrillers.

Mikael Pawlo
Advisor and Founding Investor

I am Co-founder of online casino Mr Green, listed in 2013. As investor and advisor, I’m involved in several Internet startups, and also in a psychiatry clinic called WeMind.

Elin Melander

As a Masters student of clinical psychology I have realised the value of exercising your mind as well as your body. I serve as Vice Chairman of a student organisation for cognitive and behavioural therapies, and in my spare time I work at a camp for children with neurodevelopmental disorders, allowing me to combine my interests in people, psychology and outdoor activities.

Mickel Andersson
Lead Developer and Jack of all Trades

While building and launching multiple apps during my years as freelancer, I aquired a diverse skillset which I now get to use everyday tackling challenges at Remente. When not bulding software, I enjoy riding MTB and tweaking software synths while pretending to be a music producer.

Navid Modiri
Advisor and Creativity Consultant

Apart from helping individuals and organisations unleash their creativity, I am an recording artist, TV and radio host, parlor game developer and most importantly, a proud father.